Translation & Certification Services

We believe that the most vital qualities to a business seeking translation services, whether in local or international markets, are PROFESSIONALISM, ACCURACY and RELIABILITY. We provide bespoke translation services to a range of industries, including the advertising, legal, travel, and public relations sectors, as well as others, and also provide assistance with internal company documentation.  Our goal is to help you build your business relationship and trust among your clients, while ensuring that our work will reflect those three qualities.

Intercultural Solutions collaborates with highly skilled translation professionals from different fields of expertise, and you may be confident that your work will go directly to the hands of the best professional of your field.  In addition every translation is always proofread by a native speaker, so you may be confident that every sentence will reflect the highest standards and present customers and partners with the best possible impression.

Either for elaborated documents, presentations or simple emails, we provide translation services on demand, always focused on adapting the communications to the culture of the respective recipient’s country.

When time is not on your side and your translation needs to be done as soon as possible, we are also ready to help you meet tight deadlines.  We are at your service 7 days/week to make your business prosper.

Our prices are negotiable. We will try to meet your budget.  

To get a best quote, please email us your document and indicate the languages and deadline. You will get a free non-binding quote within 5-10 minutes. It's easy!


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We speak Russian, Latvian, English, Spanish and French.

Linguistic Solutions

  • Russian
  • Latvian
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Polish
  • Dutch
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Italian
  • Turkish
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  • and more…

Translation services

  • Professional Translation services
  • Certified Translation Services
  • Legal Documents Translation
  • Health & Medical Translation
  • Technical Documents Translation
  • Website Translation
  • Audio and Subtitles Translation
  • Creative Translation
  • Extra-urgent & express translation
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Interpreting Services
  • Transcription Services
  • Documents Certification & Apostille
  • Notary Certification

Fields of expertise

  • Market research, promotion
  • Advertising & Websites
  • Health & medical
  • IT & Software
  • Financial services
  • Insurance & Business 
  • Legal & EU legislation
  • International arbitration 
  • Natural resources 
  • Chemical & petrochemical
  • Industrial engineering
  • Logistics & transport
  • Construction & property
  • Machinery and metals
  • Retail industry
  • Fashion & leisure

Bespoke Translation Services:

  • Best Price & Quality Combination
  • (Service Levels to Match your Budget)
  • Professional Native Translators & Proofreaders
  • Wide range of language combinations
  • All fields of expertise
  • Turnaround to Suit Your Deadline
  • Dedicated 24/7 Customer Service

 Notary Certification of Translation


The translation agency Intercultural Solutions LLC also provides all  levels of certified translations for all languages and all types of documents. Notary certification may be necessary for various official and legal documents, e.g. certificates of marriage, birth certificates, land registry certificates, vehicle registration certificates etc.


Types of notary certification of translation

  • Notary certified translation attached to the original document: the original document is bound together with a translation certified by its sworn translator; a notary certifies the translator’s signature.

  • Notary certified translation attached to an uncertified copy of the document: a copy is made from the original document and is bound together with a translation certified by its translator; a notary certifies the translator’s signature.

  • Notary certified translation attached to a certified copy of the document: a copy is made from the original document and is bound together with a translation certified by its translator; a notary certifies the translator’s signature. The compliance of the copy (true copy) of the document is certified by a notary only, if the original document is presented; the price for copy certification depends on the number of pages in the original document.

  • Office certification/ Sworn certification: if your translation doesn't require notary certification, we can certify a true copy of the translation with an office seal! The original of the document or its copy is bound together with a translation certified by the head and/or certified translator of Intercultural Solutions LLC. according to the standards of the EU.

To receive a notary certification, you must deliver the original of the document to the office of Intercultural Solutions LLC as it needs to be presented to the notary. The document should contain the following information:

  • name of the document;
  • issuing authority;
  • date of issue;
  • name of the place where the document was drawn up, issued and signed;
  • signature(s).


For both FOREIGN and LATVIAN CLIENTS the following options are available:

  • Document submission and receipt of the notary certified translation by registered mail;
  • Submission and receipt of documents at Intercultural Solutions LLC. office in Riga;
  • Document delivery by a courier anywhere in Latvia or abroad (please, contact us to find out rates)!

Within the European Union however, translations carried out by a certified translator or a sworn notary are accepted in all other member countries according to the EU Services Directive. In some cases, before the translation and notary certification is done it is necessary to have the document legalized (apostille), i.e. – have its authenticity certified.

Please call us on the mobile phone: (+371) 206 81 710, or write to, to arrange the most convenient solution for you, receive the necessary consultations and information on the cost and deadline of the order.

BALTCONSULT Ltd. Development Director Alina Prohorova

It´s not that easy to find good professionals in this market sector and we are very demanding clients with complicated legal and economic texts. Over 2 years of collaboration we have always received more than only translation services from Intercultural Solutions: not only have we received high-quality services without a single mistake in two years, but also their ability to help on any day of the week always exceeding our expectations and deeply understanding the needs of our clients.

We are very grateful for such a rare combination of high professionalism and unbelievably warm and welcoming attitude.

INXIDE Ltd. Director Lauris Livzinieks

When dealing with international partners a language is the first prerequisite for successful collaboration to be able to perfectly understand our clients´ needs and to protect our interests. We have found a great solution that combines all these aspects – we use the services of Intercultural Solutions for corporate English classes and for the translation services of our documents.

I´m very satisfied with their services as they always pay attention to the smallest details to provide high-quality services regardless of the nature of texts as they have a wide team of experts in different translation fields. Since our partners are very demanding regarding the quality and deadlines we can always rely on Intercultural Solutions as we are confident, they will deliver orders of excellent quality and on time. We are very content with our collaboration.

INDUSTRIAL GECASA S.A.,  Shareholder Gerardo Cardenas (Mexico)

Wonderful service!
At Intercultural Solutions they clear out all our doubts, provide an immediate price quote, advise us on what type of certification would be more suitable for the translation to be submitted abroad (if by notary or agency etc.) in every case. They always provide a very professional, on time delivered work adjusted to our time limits with welcoming attitude.
I definitely recommend this company. I am completely satisfied with their services.