Linguistic Training

We provide linguistic training in various languages from both native and non-native language trainers, for both individuals and companies.

Whether you are planning to study or work abroad, preparing for an interview or a forthcoming exam (e.g., IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL, DELE, DELF etc.), or just seeking to brush up your speaking or writing skills, we are prepared to provide you with the best specialists and native speakers to give you the highest-quality language learning experience.

For the moment, our face-to-face linguistic training is available in Madrid, Spain, and Riga, Latvia, but we also provide online training, via Skype, throughout the world.

Our trainers focus entirely on your needs and therefore are able to provide you with a uniquely individualized approach. Our trainers are prepared to focus on your speaking skills or your writing skills, and to adjust the intensity and schedule of your training based on your needs.

Our linguistic trainers work with the latest and most advanced materials, including special grammar drill programs and audio books for different levels, and even make use of special comedic tools designed to improve and maximize the learning process.

As our linguists are experienced native speakers, not only are we able to provide top-level linguistic training, but we are also qualified to supplement your cultural background and awareness (which is often especially useful when dealing with different cultural mindsets).

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Our clients´ references:

CaixaBank, C2 group

María Salcedo Santamaría

Maria prepares her classes very thoroughly. Her classes are very well structured and the method she uses is very dynamic. The use of complementary material as books, games, audios, videos etc. makes learning English a real fun.

The Bank of Spain, C2 group

Blanca Diego

Maria is the best English teacher I've ever had. Her classes are thoroughly prepared, well structured, with different activities and clear explanations. Our group felt highly motivated to study and do the homework. It's been a pleasure to attend her classes.

Baltic International Bank

Personal Banker Valeria Cuzbinina

I have attended several courses at this school. In a year I completed B1.1 and B1.2 in a group. I like a lot Maria’s approach to every person and her ability to present material. Entertaining stories, audio-books, games and a lot more. It is essential to speak correct English in my work. The teacher knows how to explain the basis of grammar and make you feel confident speaking English. Maria has unlimited patience, a good sense of humour and a good psychological background. I think I have been very lucky to have such a teacher!

Treasury Republic of Latvia

Assistant Director of Internal Audit Department Ginta Millere

To improve my English knowledge I used the teaching program of Intercultural Solutions. I highly value Maria’s ability to explain English grammar aspects in an easy & clear way. I also value the way speaking and language understanding skills are taught. The teaching program is characterized by individual approach, effective teaching methods, quality and good results.

Baltic International Bank

Personal Banker Anna Doroscenkova

I successfully completed a training of the level B1.1. I liked this teaching method a lot. Studies time flexibility was very important to me as well. Maria is a great teacher that knows how to explain and present the material to make it easily understood for students. It is obvious that she loves what she does. In the future I will definitely recommend Intercultural Solutions to my friends. After the course I successfully passed my bank´s examination.

Consumer Rights Protection Centre

Senior Consultant Dace Dreijere

I wanted to refresh my English knowledge and this school was referred to me by my colleagues. Many thanks to the teacher for her warmth, for letting me travel through different countries with her in class and for her patience correcting my mistakes that as I realized had a lot to work on. Thanks to her teaching method, English has finally got a definite system in my head which helped me lose my fear and start talking with confidence. I am so happy to realize that I can finally feel confident speaking English at work.

Director of Inxide LLC.

Lauris Livzinieks

The language is the first prerequisite of successful collaboration while dealing with international partners to be able to understand perfectly the needs of clients and to protect your own interests. To combine these things we have found a good solution – we use Intercultural Solutions services to train our employees.  English courses have been given on a very high level and our employees could easily grasp forgotten knowledge and bring them up to a new level.

Baltic International Bank

Jana Kovalevska

I like this English course a lot. The location is perfect, in the heart of the city, and it has a comfortable atmosphere that encourages to work hard and enjoy the fun in the classroom. There is an excellent teacher Maria. She has excellent communication skills and love for the English language. I would recommend Intercultural Solutions to anyone.

Baltic International Bank

Personal Banker Olga Doroscenkova

I completed B1.1. course in Intercultural Solutions. Thanks to them, I have finally started to understand English grammar which I never did before despite having studied it for many years. Many thanks to the teacher for her teaching talent and her never-ending patience. She definitely knows how to get students´ interest into new material and how to present it. She is a good person both on personal and professional level; she puts her heart into work. After the course I successfully passed my bank´s examination. I recommend Intercultural Solutions as the best English learning school!

Northern Virginia Community College, USA

Evita Zīle

I started to go to English courses because I needed to prepare for my school´s state examination in Latvia. During the course I repeated and learned everything from the very basics – reading, grammar, writing, and considerably enriched my vocabulary. Thanks to this course I successfully passed State examination and got accepted in Northern Virginia Community, USA where these skills help me a lot up to day. I have learned a lot at this course. The classed were interesting and I was happy to attend them and to have such a nice teacher. I´d definitely recommend Intercultural Solutions to others.

Secondary School Teacher, Spain

Antonio J. García

 I was Maria’s student and she was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She is highly professional and prepared her classes very well. With her help I managed to get FCE certificate of Cambridge which gave me the opportunity to work in a bilingual centre.

Aarhus University, Denmark

Linda Elena Zalite

I had a challenge – to prepare for IELTS English exam in a month. The required level is high, the exam is difficult, that´s why I sought for help. With the help of Intercultural Solutions not only could I score the necessary points but also gain a better result than I expected (7.0). I enjoyed the structured teaching approach applied by the teacher. A work plan and material were prepared for every single class; every topic was easily explained and looked at comprehensively. The teacher was very kind to address my personal needs as well. Thanks for the natural, enjoyable atmosphere in class and the opportunity to fulfill my life dream – to study in Denmark.

Classes by skype, Finland

Tatiana Podlesnaya

Maria is simply a wonderful teacher. She gives truly basic knowledge. Every class is very interesting, intense and competently built. The School has lots of resources and material and unusual exercises that make understanding easier. Memorizing is natural; there is no need to grind at English. The teacher outstandingly feels a student, their mood and progress in class and knows when to cheer the student up. She knows how to make you feel confident, give an impulse to study and also just to give you a very good mood! She is a real professional in her work. I recommend this School.

One-to-One classes, Latvia

Maksim Scadko

I have been studying English in Intercultural Solutions for a year. It was a really pleasant and hard-working time. The teacher structured my knowledge of grammar and helped me overcome my language barrier. The School has got good books and studies materials which could compete with popular English books. The methodology is very useful; it helps break the language barrier and makes a person start speaking English. I am very grateful to the teacher for her time and efforts to share her knowledge and passion of English! I am sure that I won’t ever meet such a good and professional English teacher as she is! Thanks Intercultural Solutions for everything!