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Who we are

Intercultural Solutions is a collaboration of specialists from different fields who are united for common purposes and projects. Our team consists of linguists, attorneys, translators and interpreters, and business development officers.

Our specialists reside in different countries around the world and, thus, are well positioned to assist you in developing your business in different places and markets. Our team members are particularly sensitive to the different cultural backgrounds of their respective countries, and you may be totally confident that our services reflect such native expertise.

Join the Team

If you seek engagement in international affairs and aspire to make meaningful and important contributions to the world, we invite you to join Intercultural Solutions and explore the abundance of possibilities with us.

You may submit your CV and motivation letter (in English) to

We are open to any kind of collaboration around the world.

Among our clients

  • Caixa Bank
  • Wilo Baltic
  • Innaxis
  • Latvian State Revenue Service
  • Baltconsult Ltd.
  • Baltic International Bank
  • Latvian Association of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Western Bank
  • E.Mi-International
  • LexTram


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